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Glass Piping-Borodrain

Designing and manufacturing specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical process piping components, mixers and process systems for over 50 years.


Glass Piping-Borodrain

Borodrain TM is this best solution for your acid drainline piping system. Made of Borosilicate glass, which remains today as the only material which is virtually impervious to all common chemicals and solvents at temperatures of 212蚌 and above.

  • BORODRAIN® glass piping systems are only 15% of the weight of high silica iron, and due to its rigidity, even at higher temperatures, BORODRAIN® requires half of the piping hangers of other materials. This translates into less cost from a reduction in both labor and materials.
  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass, drawn into various tubing sizes, BORODRAIN® systems are impervious to most corrosive chemicals. In fact, acids that can destroy plastics systems have virtually NO effect on the BORODRAIN® system.
  • BORODRAIN® being manufactured from borosilicate glass is transparent, which enables the owners to check for blockages and or potential line issues prior to a major maintenance issue.
  • No expansion joints are required, due to the low thermal expansion of BORODRAIN® piping. Combined with the compression couplings which offers various degrees of deflection, further eliminates the need to install expansion joints.
  • BORODRAIN® systems are designed to operate at a maximum working pressure of 15 psig, however design pressures are higher. This safety factor will provide for years of reliable operation.
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