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Andon in St.Louis arch

Where’s Andon? – May, 5 2021

After passing by the famous Gateway Arch, the Gas Buster vehicle has been making rounds of the St. Louis sports facilities including the Enterprise Center,…

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Andon at St.Louis Union Station

Where’s Andon? – May, 4 2021

The Gas Buster vehicle continues to prowl around the St. Louis Union Station detecting gas leaks!   How can the ABB and Andon MobileGuard™  leak…

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Andon at St. Louis Aquarium

Where’s Andon? – April, 27 2021

As no one has spotted the Gas Buster vehicle in the last several weeks, many have been wondering where it had disappeared to. Mystery solved!…

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ABB’s New Non-invasive Temperature Measurement Solution!

  No Thermowells Needed! ABB’s new Non-invasive temperature measurement solution! ABB's new non-invasive, temperature measurement solution is now available for hazardous areas in the US…

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Andon in Pecos Texas

Where’s Andon? – April, 12 2021

As if the other day's visit to the location of the Word’s First Rodeo wasn’t Texan enough, the ABB and Andon MobileGuard™ leak detection system…

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Andon in Terry County

Where’s Andon? – March, 26 2021

The ABB and Andon MobileGuard™ gas leak detection system continues to explore the Texas Panhandle area of the Permian Basin. Recently, hikers spotted it near…

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Andon in Permian Basin Refineries

Where’s Andon? – March, 17 2021

The ABB and Andon MobileGuard™ gas leak detection system continues to be spotted in the wilds of the Permian Basin – this time near one…

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Andon in Permian Basin

Where’s Andon? – March, 15 2021

Eyewitness accounts have reported seeing Andon and ABB’s MobileGuard™ gas leak detection system roaming the oil fields of West Texas! Just this week, it was…

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