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About Andon

At Andon Specialties We Are 100% Committed to Delivering Effective Solutions and Exceptional Value to You and Your Business.

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For over thirty years, Andon Specialties has been a trusted manufacturers’ representative and distributor offering process automation/instrumentation solutions, process analyzers, sample conditioning systems, and high purity solutions.

You can count on Andon to help improve operations, overcome challenges, and compete in the global marketplace.

Industrial instrumentation


Meet ABB Instrumentation

ABB has been a leader in instrumentation for over 100 years, with millions of devices installed across the USA.

Meet ABB Process Analyzers

ABB is a global leader in process analyzers, with thousands of analyzer systems installed across the USA.

Meet Entegris, Inc

Entegris, Inc. is a provider of products and systems that purify, protect, and transport critical materials.

Meet Crane Co.

Crane Co. operates four business segments, each of which designs and manufactures highly engineered industrial products.

How may we help?

For more information about our superior products, outstanding services and specific industry expertise, we invite you to contact us today.

Our History

Established in 1985, Andon Specialties Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative and industrial distributor of instrumentation, analytical, and fluid handling solutions. Headquartered in Houston, TX, we maintain fully staffed offices throughout the Gulf Coast, Midwest, and West Coast regions, and proudly serve numerous markets among them including Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, and Semiconductor.

Andon Specialties, Inc.
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