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White Knight Fluid Handling is the world leader in zero-metal, ultra-high purity pumps and fluid handling equipment. White Knight manufactures high purity and ultra-high purity fluid handling equipment for delivering, re-circulating and transporting chemicals.



    Back Pressure Regulators

  • Accurate air spring-loaded back pressure regulators, remote piloting capability, maintains system pressure for recirculation loops and systems with multiple tool drops 3/4″ (RBA12) and 1″
  • Catchers – Pump Mount or Inline

  • Protects the pump from harmful solids
  • Closed-Loop Controllers

  • Automatically adjusts to maintain system pressure or flow rate
  • Cycle Rate Translators

  • The Cycle Rate Translator (CPT-1) enabling technology that simplifies pump retrofits in existing tools, configures signal to match what tool expects, optimizes cycle rate and scales operational cycle rate
  • Filter Housings

  • No metal parts, allows filter changing without disconnecting the inlet or outlet lines
  • Pulse Dampeners

  • White Knight’s high-quality in-line and top-mount pulse dampeners reduce pulsation in fluid systems to improve flow control.
  • Quick Exhaust Valves

  • Quick exhaust valves (QEV) increase pump efficiency by reducing the energy required to exhaust air from the pump.


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