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King instrument company

While other flow measurement manufacturers are focused on new technology, spending their time and money searching for more esoteric, unique, and therefore more expensive fluid and gas metering solutions, King’s business concept is straightforward and simple.

King’s only focus is on using proven technology and longstanding methods to build the most accurate, versatile, and economical rotameters possible. And this specialization has allowed King to be a customer-focused provider of one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and specialized variable area flowmeters anywhere in the world today.

At King Instrument Company, we realize that accuracy, reliability, and repeatability are key when selecting variable area flowmeters. So we’ve built the type of flexibility into our manufacturing process to provide the widest variety of scales, materials, and flow rates in rotameters for different applications.
But we also recognize that great customer service is the lifeblood of our business. So we’ve assembled a responsive, experienced team who know our products, know our competitive pricing, and know how to meet your needs. The King Instrument team-along with our global network of distributors-is very adaptable in providing technical sales support. They can speak about our rotameters, our calibration and certification services, and best methods for measuring gas or liquid flows in both non-tech-friendly and high tech terms.

We have maintained our small business, customer-oriented approach in all phases of product development, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution throughout our growth. And though we’ve come a long way since our simple beginning in 1983, we have always kept our value proposition in mind: Whether you require standard or customized variable area flowmeters, King Instrument Company will always provide high performance rotameters at a competitive price with the best turnaround and delivery.

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