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Stainless Steel Flowmeters

King uses proven technology and longstanding methods to build the most accurate, versatile, and economical rotameters possible. And this specialization has allowed King to be a customer-focused provider of one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and specialized variable area flowmeters anywhere in the world today.


Stainless Steel Flowmeters

Low flow High Pressure, Accuracy and Versatility, Flanged Flow Connections

    7100 Series Low-Flow, High- Pressure Applications

  • SS Construction; 60mm Scale
  • Magnetically Coupled Dial Type Display
  • 7710 Series Accuracy, Versatility and Value

  • All 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Magnetically Coupled Dial Type Display; 120mm Dual Scale
  • Available 4-20mA Output, NPT or Flange Connections
  • 0.55 – 450 GPM Water; 4 – 100 SCFM Air
  • 7750 Series Flange Connection, 250mm End-to-End Length

  • 316L All Welded Construction; No Elastomers Used
  • Available Alarm Options; 4-20mA Transmitter Output
  • 120mm Detachable, Direct Reading Scale
  • 0.55 – 16.5 GPM Water; 2.2 – 76 SCFM Air


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