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AP Tech

Advanced Pressure Technology, better known as AP Tech, was founded in 1987 by gas industry veteran Rene Zakhour. The focus of the company was to produce gas handling components, primarily pressure regulators and valves, for clean industries such as semiconductor manufacturing. Guided by the simple tenants of designing rugged, reliable products backed by superior manufacturing and support, the company grew rapidly. AP Tech became synonymous with exceptional service and the standard for support by which others compare.

AP Tech manufactures gas handling components for applications ranging from source cylinder to distribution and point of use to inside a process tool. Pressure ratings and flow capacities accommodate most typical applications for pressure regulators and valves to one inch line size. Product ratings extend to pressures of 10,000 psig (700 bar) and flow rates to 5,000 slpm. Materials of construction are primarily 316L stainless steel and PCTFE seats with optional material choices available. Products include pressure regulators, manual and pneumatic valves, flow switches, vacuum generators and check valves – each with a wide variety of options available.

Designed for the most demanding ultraclean gas requirements of the semiconductor industry for specialty and bulk gas delivery, the products cost effectively deliver gases for many industries and uses. AP Tech was acquired by SMC, a global leader in pneumatics, in 2007. The company continues to operate independently, doing business as it always has. AP Tech now enjoys the benefits from SMC’s strengths in manufacturing and distribution.

Check ValvesSpringless all welded check valve defining the new standard of safety & ultraclean
Other UHP DevicesHigh Purity Vacuum Generators & Flow Switches
Technical BulletinsWe've added a few helpful bulletins in this section.
Ultra High Purity Diaphragm ValvesAPTech valves are used for semiconductor wafer fabrication and other clean industries such as solar and flat panel displays. AP Tech also services many other industries delivering specialty and bulk gases for a wide variety of applications.
Ultra High Purity Pressure RegulatorsAP Tech pressure regulators are used in gas delivery systems to reduce the supply (inlet) pressure to a lower delivery (outlet) pressure.


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