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United Filtration

United Filtration is a leading worldwide supplier of high efficiency filters for a variety of industries and applications. Some of their featured products include High Pressure Gas Filters, High Efficiency Disposable Filters, Disposable In-Line Filters & Adsorbents, and Natural Gas Vehicle Filters.

CNG FiltersOur 300 series of high efficiency coalescing CNG filters are designed for versatility.  The many features provide complete protection for CNG fuel gas systems, and a vast array of process applications
Compressed Air & Gas FiltersOur 300 series of high efficiency coalescing compressed air and gas filters are designed for versatility.
Disposable Filter ElementsOur microfiber disposable filter elements are manufactured from precise mixtures of borosilicate glass microfibers to the very highest standards of quality control.
Filter ElementsStainless steel elements are recommended for filtration of heavily contaminated gases, liquids, polymers, and steam, since they are re-cleanable by back-flushing or ultrasonic cleaning.
Gas & Liquid Sample Process FiltersWe offer a comprehensive line of stainless steel filter housings that filter gases and liquids simply and reliably even in the most demanding process conditions.
Liquid HousingsFilter housings are manufactured from a durable polypropylene or clear styrene-acrylonitrile.  Reinforced polypropylene housings have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many industrial applications


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