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Andon Specialties

High Purity Gas Filtration

Entegris' ultrapure gas solutions include ultrapure filtration, purification, diffusers and AMC chemical filtration. Gas filter media options include Nickel, Stainless Steel and Teflon. Entegris' products are used by all major semiconductor OEMs and other high-performance applications such as Photovoltaics, Flat Panel Display, Data Storage and HBLED (high brigtness light emitting diodes), Life Sciences and Lithium Ion Battery. Brand names include Wafergard®, Gasketgard, Linegard and Gatekeeper.

These products are used in UHP Distribution systems, VMB's, Gas Panels, Tool Hook Up and on OEM tools for Etch, CVD, PVD Ion Implantation. Purifiers and Diffusers have integral filters eliminating the need for separate particle filters to provide process and purge gases free from both molecular and particle contamination.
  • Inline Teflon Gas Filter - all chemical resistance requirements for ultra high purity filtration
  • Inline Metal Gas Filter Nickel or SS Membrane - high pressure & temperature
  • Purifiers - Gatekeeper purifies gas to PPT levels, most products are regenerable
  • Diffusers - quick, clean vent up with integral filtration
  • AMC Filtration - Cleanroom, Stepper & Scanner, Track, Non-Litho, Makeup Air Handler, Return Air Handler, Diesle Fume Removal
  • Performance Testing & Analysis

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