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Andon in St.Louis arch

Where’s Andon? – May, 5 2021

After passing by the famous Gateway Arch, the Gas Buster vehicle has been making rounds of the St. Louis sports facilities including the Enterprise Center, Home to the St. Louis Blues and Busch Stadium!


What makes the ABB and Andon MobileGuard™  leak detection system the best solution available?  Simple – it finds more leaks!


  • ABB’s patented technology uniquely combines high sensitivity and accuracy with ruggedness and reliability.
  • Reports both methane and ethane simultaneously to eliminate false positives
  • Ultra-high (single parts-per-billion) precision and sensitivity allows detection of dangerous buried or hidden leaks and from distances up to 600 feet away.
  • No need for high-pressure gas cylinders on board (in contrast to other laser-based systems).
  • ABB’s proprietary algorithms (fluid dynamics models) combined with fast flow response yields accurate leak localization and size estimates.
  • Unparalleled data integrity and cyber security: ABB systems satisfy cyber security requirements and ABB customers own all data.


Who you gonna call?


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