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Savillex Joins Andon Specialties As A Manufacturing Partner

Savillex joins Andon Specialties as a Manufacturing Partner

Savillex, a custom fluoropolymer molding company, announced that they will be joining Andon Specialties Inc. as a manufacturing partner in the life sciences industry. Savillex will be providing fluoropolymer molding products with advanced technology, unique design features, and custom services to our customers from our various locations nationwide.

Andon Specialties Inc. is eager to be working with Savillex with their flexibility and ability to work quickly because of their in-house design and manufacturing. Savillex provides fluoropolymer bottles available in both Purillex PFA and FEP bottles making them one of the leading manufacturers in the life science industry. Savillex’s design features use a single-use technology design (STU) for reduced contamination risks and lower costs. They use a stretch blow molding technology which allows them to stand out against other PFA and FEP manufacturers by producing a smoother surface, resulting in more effective cleaning between uses and reduced risk of carryover of trace metals. Their unique range of molding capabilities in fluoropolymer products makes them an unmatched company that Andon is pleased to be apart of.

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