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Wireless Modems & Device Servers

Eaton’s best options for wireless modems and device servers.



Products Include: Industrial GSM/GPRS Wireless Modem & Routers, Industrial Wireless Ethernet & Device Servers, and Wireless Serial (RS 232/485) Modems

  • The ELPRO 605M-D1 is a quad-band GSM/GPRS modem that utilizes GSM/ GPRS mobile networks to transmit and receive data.
  • The ELPRO 605M-R1 Router connects to a host LAN and can be configured as an Ethernet bridge/ router/ serial server (RS232/485)
  • The new ELPRO 615M-1 is a powerful Multi-Service Provider Cellular Broadband Router that delivers wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN connections and one serial port through public cellular networks at 3G network speeds
  • Elpro offers 5 different Industrial Wireless Ethernet & Device Servers.
  • Elpro offers 4 different Wireless Serial Modems.
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