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Surge Suppression

Holliday Process Solutions’ (HPS) provides surge protection equipment to the natural gas, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, water and wastewater, power, pulp and paper and related service industries. We distribute products like ZeroDT that provide the highest level of surge protection available in the world.


Surge Suppression

Provides transient voltage surge suppression for the protection of transmitters, level equipment, flow measurement devices, as well as any other field instrumentation.

  • Response Time: <5 nanoseconds
  • Operating/Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • Small and easy to install in Class 1, Division 1 or Class 1, Division 2 locations
  • 8/20 ìs, Line to Ground: 600 Amps – Surge Current Capability
  • Discrete silicon avalanche diode array mounted to an epoxy coated glass epoxy circuit board

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