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PTFE-Lined Valves

Designing and manufacturing specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical process piping components, mixers and process systems for over 50 years.


PTFE-Lined Valves

CHEM Flowtronics offers a full line of PTFE-lined valves intended for applications where corrosion resistance is required. CF offers many different valve technologies including ball, check and relief valve options.

    Check Valves

    • Corrosion resistant.
    • All wetted parts of Chem Flowtronics model 1850 spring loaded check valves are TFE.
    • The body of the valve is made from a combination of ductile iron and steel.
    • The body parts do not come into contact with the process flow.
    • End connections are made with a TFE reducing flange. This new series offers high physical strength in combination with the high corrosion resistance of virgin TFE. The simple internal design provides for high flow rates at a very low pressure drop.
    • Relief Valves

      • Corrosion resistant.
      • All PTFE wetted parts.
      • Resets automatically after opening.
      • All steel-reinforced PTFE components.
      • 40 years of tested service.
      • Ball Valves

        • Standard valves have carbon steel flanges, which have been zinc plated, however 316SS and aluminum are also available.
        • Borosilicate glass, virgin PTFE and ceramic balls are available.
        • All major steel components can be supplied PTFE-coated with .040 thick coating.
        • Valve body can be supplied with translucent armoring.
        • 6″ lever handle.
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