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Metering Pumps

White Knight Fluid Handling is the world leader in zero-metal, ultra-high purity pumps and fluid handling equipment. White Knight manufactures high purity and ultra-high purity fluid handling equipment for delivering, re-circulating and transporting chemicals.


Metering Pumps

Air-Operated Metering Pumps
White Knight pneumatic metering pumps are capable of accurately dispensing up to 100ml and operate with a fully supported rolling diaphragm to maximize air supply and discharge pressure capabilities. They ensure dispensing accuracy with two positive control valves that eliminate feedback typical of check valves.

They feature safe, leak-free operation, and a 100% PTFE fluid path that is impervious to chemical attack for ultra-high purity applications. The snap-in mount allows for easy install. The manually controllable stroke limiter provides fully adjustable White Knight’s PPM100 is a high-pressure pneumatic.

  • Manually controllable stroke limiter for adjustable dispense volume up to 100ml
  • Fully adjustable stroke speed
  • Highly accurate; 0.1% repeatability
  • No exposed metalics prevents corrosion and contamination
  • 100% PTFE fully-swept fluid path for ultra-high purity applications
  • PTFE rolling diaphragm with PP housing


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