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Ex Heaters

Intertec is a supplier of engineered solutions that protect instrumentation and control equipment against extremes of climate – via high performance GRP enclosures, shelters and heating or cooling components.


Ex Heaters

Explosion proof heaters – for hazardous area applications INTERTEC offers the broadest selection of explosion-proof heaters on the market, backed by an exceptional range of approvals including the IEC scheme, ATEX for European applications, CSA/NRTL for America, GOST-R and GOST-K for the CIS countries, and many other national certificates ( NEPSI for China etc.).

The range allows users to configure an exact solution with the optimum heat transfer method, the best mounting, etc. The table below provides an overview of the range. INTERTEC will also help you to select the right component, or configure an application-specific heating or temperature regulation solution for you.

Many accessories are available to help you configure an ideal solution including heat tracing, junction boxes, thermostats, alarms and controllers – and a special mounting system for convection heating of process transmitters. (INTERTEC’s non explosion proof heaters range can be found here.)

  • For Freeze protection – Freeze protection thermostat integrated into power cable
  • For condensation protection
  • For Temperature maintenance
  • Steam / Gycol-Water heaters
  • For heat tracing of pipes/tubes

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