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ZenPure is a United States of America Corporation with wholly owned subsidiary manufacturing, design, development, research and engineering at ZenPure (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, China.

ZenPure Corporation and ZenPure (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. were founded in November 2002, specializing in fast track, “Turn-key” solutions for standard and specialty filters and membrane devices for a wide range of industries and applications. ZenPure has established a reputation of providing reliable, unique, efficient, and cost effective design, development, and manufacturing services to our customers and strategic partners.

Our turn-key capabilities have assisted our customers’ efforts to quickly and effectively introduce new and better products into their markets.   ZenPure can design, develop and manufacture filters or membrane devices of any size, adapter type, fitting type, and configuration (Pleated, depth, discs, capsules), based on different filtration media, including, PTFE, PES, Nylon, PVDF, PP, PE, Cellulose, Cellulose with Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Cellulose Acetate and more

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