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Congratulations to Andon’s Mike Ragusa!

Andon Specialties is proud to announce the amazing accomplishments of our own Mike Ragusa who has recently converted over 8,000 GO regulators! These conversions enable Andon to meet the needs of a significantly greater number of customers with a much shorter lead time.

Mike performed his first GO conversion 18 years ago on November 7, 2003 and has a GO Regulator Service Center Program Certification. Andon could not be more excited for Mike in achieving such an impressive milestone.

Andon Specialties has been lucky to have Mike Ragusa for 18 years & 10 months…and counting! Mike was also in the Navy for 8 years and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal. We continue to thank him for his courageous service and for being a part of the Andon Family.

Here are a few notable works performed to date by Mike:

  • GO Regulator conversions: 8012
  • Gauges Installed on Regulators: 7604
  • Parker / Gasflo Relief Valves set: 854
  • PFA Teflon welds: 4406


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