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Andon Specialties, Inc. Is The Primary Representative For ABB’s IAMA Portfolio Throughout Texas And Louisiana

Andon Specialties, Inc. is the primary Representative for ABB’s IAMA Portfolio throughout Texas and Louisiana

We are excited and pleased to announce that Andon Specialties, Inc. has been named the primary representative for the ABB Industrial Automation Measurement and Analytics product portfolio throughout Texas and Louisiana, effective March 20, 2020. Andon is committed to first-class responsiveness, support, and access to ABB’s broad portfolio of leading instrumentation and analyzers.

Andon Specialties will be the leading representative for all ABB levels, instrumentation and process analytic products for the industries Andon represents. The solutions that ABB offers will help customers at every life-cycle stage of their business from the initial design, build and commissioning phase, through to maintenance and decommissioning. The partnership with ABB and Andon Specialties Inc. offers peace of mind because of these established digital companies having the experience and knowledge of the industry, products, and solutions. ABB has been helping its customers for decades and already has a huge number of connected devices, so taking these devices and applying established digital technologies and expertise can further assist customers to achieve tangible benefits for their business.

We are grateful for your past support of the ABB analytical product line and look forward to earning your confidence in this expanded relationship.

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