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Burns Engineering

Since 1960, Burns Engineering has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and transmitters for the process and OEM industries. During that time, product quality and customer service along with innovative engineering have been top priorities in the Burns Engineering business philosophy. Their engineers are committed to your process confidence and will customize an approach to meet your specific measurement challenge.

Custom Engineered SolutionsBurns Engineering meets the temperature measurement needs of their customers with existing, configured, modified and custom products.
Thermocouples/RTDsReducing costs and improving results across the plant is the name of the game. Burns Engineering's industrial RTD and Thermocouple temperature sensors deliver low cost of ownership through a wide variety of standard and customized sensors with years of proven reliability. Our precision RTDs and special limits of error Thermocouples insure you get the measurement accuracy and precision your process demands.
ThermowellsBurns offers thermowells, in multiple configurations, for Industrial and Sanitary applications. Thermowell designs include fast response, heavy duty, flanged, welded, and threaded, as well as protection tubes and thermal dampening wells. They also offer a wide variety of connection types, materials, coatings and certifications.


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