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BW Controls

B/W Controls offers an extensive line of sensors for Point and Continuous Liquid Level Control. B/W Controls uses the same advanced magnetostrictive technology as in GEMCO products providing high accuracy and reliability for continuous liquid level measurement. Continuous level sensors are used in industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and petroleum. Point Level is used in municipal water and wastewater applications. The advantages of conductivity control over mechanical control include fewer mechanical problems, ease of installation, and operational efficiency that is immune to changes in pressure.

Control RelaysB/W Controls offers a wide variety of relay solutions. B/W Controls can also supply a complete control panel with control relay, wired terminal block, motor starter, or a panel for just the external connections. Included is the B/W system wiring diagram which assures quick and easy installation and the confidence that the system will work right the first time.
Level MeasurementB/W Controls delivers a complete portfolio of level measurement products including options for continuous level or point level measurement.


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