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ABC (Allegheny Bradford Corporation)

Allegheny Bradford Corporation is a Pennsylvania corporation and expert in manufacturingand marketing stainless steel, sanitary/hygienic products to the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, cosmetic, food, beverage, dairy, and electronics processing industries

Custom Fabrications

Stainless steel custom metal fabrication.

Filter HousingsAllegheny Bradford manufactures a wide variety of filter housings to meet your specifications and designed for use in a variety of industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, beverage and chemical.
Heat ExchangersWhether it's a U-Tube, Straight-Thru or Coil heat exchanger, Allegheny Bradford is the leading manufacturer of sanitary shell & tube heat exchangers.
ManifoldsCustom designed manifolds, spool pieces and unique piping configurations are a specialty at Allegheny Bradford. Manufactured of 316L, 316 and 304 stainless steel with a wide range of sizes and connection options, they use special fabrication techniques to deliver crevice-free components ideal for ultra-pure applications. Choose from an industrial finish, or mechanical and electropolished surfaces finished to less than 10 microinches Ra.
Modular Process SystemsAll Allegheny Bradford Corporation modular process systems for sanitary applications are custom fabricated to your specifications.
Sampling Systems

ABC sampling/POU systems can support manual to fully automated sampling, CIP and SIP of the fluid lines.

Stainless Steel TanksCustom cylindrical tanks and stainless steel pressure tanks from Allegheny Bradford are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology fine chemical, cosmetics, food processing and other ultra pure manufacturing environments.


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