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High Purity

As one of the regionís leading distributors of products and technology for high purity applications, we represent some of the top manufacturers in this demanding and complex field. At Andon we specialize in delivering the proven technology and effective solutions needed to contain, control, measure, filter and purify the critical chemicals and gases utilized in industries including semiconductors, life-sciences and other high-tech sectors.

We offer a wide range of products and technology including fluid handling components, high purity filtration products, high vacuum process solutions, ultra-high purity pumps, face seal fittings and much more. And as always, our experienced team is available to help ensure that you receive the most effective solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Aflex Hose Established over 40 years ago, Aflex Hose has invented and introduced all of the major innovations in PTFE hose product design and manufacturing technologies.
AP TechAP Tech manufactures gas handling components for applications ranging from source cylinder to distribution and point of use to inside a process tool. Pressure ratings and flow capacities accommodate most typical applications for pressure regulators and valves to one inch line size.  Product ratings extend to pressures of 10,000 psig (700 bar) and flow rates to 5,000 slpm.
Chem Flowtronics

Designing and manufacturing specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical process piping components, mixers and process systems for over 50 years.

Custom FabCustom Fab Solutions has provided specialty fabricated components and products for more than 40 years to the demanding and ever-changing semiconductor industry. By delivering the exact technology demanded by this industry, Custom Fab Solutions has developed processes, value added services and equipment to meet rigorous requirements. We have used our experienced knowledge gained in high purity markets to serve other key technology industries.
Entegris Entegris High Purity Filtration Products include Gas & Liquid Filtration, Purification, Chemical Filtration of Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC), Fluid Handling Components, Gas Diffusers, CMP Slurry, Photolithography, Chemical, and Water & Solvent Filtration.
FoxboroFor process applications that require high-performance measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, level & analytical variables, Foxboro-Eckardt Field Devices offer high accuracy, long-term stability and field-proven robustness in the toughest applications.
White Knight
White Knight Fluid Handling is the world leader in zero-metal, ultra-high purity pumps and fluid handling equipment. White Knight manufactures high purity and ultra-high purity fluid handling equipment for delivering, re-circulating and transporting chemicals.


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