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Established almost 70 years ago, Electrol Specialties Company is recognized by major pharmaceutical, biotech, dairy, and food processing companies as a premier supplier of custom fabricated stainless steel equipment and controls.

Modern stainless steel fabrication equipment, a skilled work force and high quality materials and components generate products which meet the high degree of sanitation and control necessary for the industries we serve.

ASME Certified welders, material trace ability, in-house inspection, and weld maps with supporting documentation (when necessary), contribute to our capabilities as a leading supplier of specialty stainless steel equipment.

BioPharm Equipment - CIP SystemsElectrol Specialties Companyís proprietary Model SUEA is a Single-Use, Eductor Assisted CIP system designed to significantly reduce the water, chemical, and utility requirements, and the resulting effluent, for all CIP operations.
Custom Spray DevicesPrecision Fabricated, Electrol Specialties Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and AL6XN CIP  Spray Devices are designed to clean interior surfaces of vertical and horizontal  storage tanks and process vessels.  Computer aided design and manufacturing  guarantees optimum performance through quality fabrication based on properly designed spray patterns.
Food And Beverage EquipmentThe STSU CIP unit has long been a CIP workhorse in the dairy, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. The system is capable of cleaning any tank or product piping system which requires solution flow rates of 100 Gpm or less when used in conjunction with properly designed CIP supply/return systems and spray devices.
Transfer PanelsESCís Precision Designed and Custom Built Transfer Panels to offer elimination of dead end  piping  through the use of double tube and loop-type headers.  This design concentrates and minimizes the required physical connections in a central and easily accessible area for a complete CIP cleaning system design.


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