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ZenPure is a United States of America Corporation with wholly owned subsidiary manufacturing, design, development, research and engineering at ZenPure (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, China. ZenPure Corporation and ZenPure (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. were founded in November 2002, specializing in fast track, "Turn-key” solutions for standard and specialty filters and membrane devices for a wide range of industries and applications. ZenPure has established a reputation of providing reliable, unique, efficient, and cost effective design, development, and manufacturing services to our customers and strategic partners.  Our turn-key capabilities have assisted our customers’ efforts to quickly and effectively introduce new and better products into their markets.   ZenPure can design, develop and manufacture filters or membrane devices of any size, adapter type, fitting type, and configuration (Pleated, depth, discs, capsules), based on different filtration media, including, PTFE, PES, Nylon, PVDF, PP, PE, Cellulose, Cellulose with Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Cellulose Acetate and more

Bag FiltersZenPure’s Mono and Multifiliment mesh bag filters fit a wide-variety of applications and bag housings.  ZenPure Bag Filters are used in industrial applications where there is heavy contaminant in liquid fluid paths.
CartridgesZenPure offers a complete line of Cartridge Filtration Products for most liquid purification applications with a wide variety of membrane, hardware, and end cap materials. 
Disc HoldersZenPure Stainless Steel Disc Holders can be used with PureFlo® Filter Discs for simple, quick, and efficient filtration of fluids and gases in small scale Lab and Pilot Plant applications.
Disposable CapsulesZenPure capsule Filters are available with a wide variety of filter media material and end connections offerings.  The compact design of ZenPure Capsule Filters reduces hold-up volume and exposure to hazardous chemicals.
Filter HousingsZenPure offers a complete line of Filter Housings for Filter Cartridges, Bags Filters, Vent Filters, and Portable Cart Housings.  Multi and Single Round housings are standard offerings.
Filtration DiscsZenPure’s PureFlo® Filtration Discs can be used for simple, quick, and efficient filtration of fluids and gases in laboratories, pilot plants, and small scale applications. 
Maxx Series FiltersZenPure’s Maxx Series Pleated Filter Elements combines the advantages of typical bag filtration, ease and use of exceptional dirt holding capacity with the high efficiency and performance of cartridge filtration.
Mini CartridgesZenPure Mini Cartridges are used in small volume manufacturing and designed to minimize hold-up volume.  The Mini Cartridges can be used in Gas and Liquid applications with a wide variety of filter media available.


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