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Featuring innovative and adaptable solutions for specific filtration problems for over 40 years, LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions has become a world leader. The company is under the direction of founder and Chairman Claude C. Laval III. Laval shares leadership of the privately-held company with his daughter, Melinda Laval, President. An advisory board from a variety of fields offers expert advice. The company operates from a 100,000+ square foot manufacturing, sales, marketing and engineering headquarters in Fresno, California. A worldwide network of technically trained distributors extends the company's reach, with applications around the globe. Originally designed for groundwater and agricultural uses, LAKOS Separation and Filtration products are now targeted to key industrial markets as well, and our products for cleaning Cooling Tower basins and Heat Exchangers is our fastest-growing market.

FrySafe Complete Cooking Oil Filtration SystemLakos' FrySafe System is a Complete Cooking Oil Filtration System used to safely and efficiently remove crumbs and fines to extend oil life and sustain high product quality. The FrySafe System offers a full flow, non-oxygenated, low maintenance, turnkey solution for cooking oil. 
Industrial SeparatorsLakos separators are ideal for industrial applications such as spray nozzle or small orifice protection, heat exchangers, pits, sumps, basin, pre-filtration, and waste minimization.
ISF Self-Cleaning Industrial Pump Intake Screen FilterLakos' self-cleaning pump intake screens are a unique solution for open source water filtration for protecting industrial pumps and water systems. The self-cleaning screen rotates so that debris is blown away.


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